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The Show Houses – Tackling the Housing Problem in an Age of Austerity


St John’s Church, Ermine Estate, Lincoln – justly acclaimed as ‘a church of tomorrow’. Is Ermine Estate, Lincoln the housing of tomorrow?

An invitation to view

At 6.15 pm on Friday, July 4th 1952 the Mayor of Lincoln (Councillor J.W. Giles) used a “specially inscribed key” to open officially one of four show houses on Lincoln’s Ermine Estate (at that time called the Riseholme Estate) and proceeded with other members of the Council to inspect the four houses.1 One of those accompanying the Mayor was the Chairman of the City Housing Committee, Councillor W.A Hughes, and it was his idea to invite Lincoln’s citizens to view the houses. For the following two weeks they would be open for viewing from 3 pm. to 8 pm., with members of the City Architect’s Department on hand to explain the design and construction. Continue reading