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John William Blakey (1879 – 1916)

Bill Blakey – a Life Cut Short


Poppies Wave by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper – an installation at Lincoln Castle in 2016 to remember the fallen of the First World War

My Great-uncle, John William Blakey, was born at Hameringham near Horncastle, Lincolnshire on 17th December 1879 – the third child of Tom and Emma Blakey. Eventually he would be part of a family of 9 children: the first, Eliza Mary, being born on 29th September 1876 and the last, Ethel, on 10th October 1892. Tom and Emma Blakey were married on 14th May 1877. His brothers and sisters lived to a ripe old age but Bill didn’t. Continue reading